Bruno Mario s.n.c. is a company founded in 1961 in Pinerolo (TO) by our father. At the beginning the activity was based on the restoration and commercialization of antique furniture. Our dad gave us the passion for this work. As children we admired him in his workshop and we listened to the enchanted stories he told us about the various pieces of furniture he bought, as if they were fairy tales. We had the fortune to know a world frequented by carpenters, sculptors, restorers and artists of our valleys,… a world that unfortunately is disappearing but that remains an indissoluble baggage of experiences and memories.
Bruno Mario s.n.c. consists of two souls. Cristina carried on the business of antiques while Giuseppe founded the brand MobiliStorti.
In this way Giuseppe describes the MobiliStorti:
"Initially I specializes in sculpture and, after years of experimentation, I founded the brand ‘MobiliStorti’, that contains more skills.
Inspired by the shapes and colours of the classic Piedmontese baroque furniture, I wanted to create a more ironic and essential furniture, made of soft and sinuous lines, which is able to dialogue with other types of design. The knowledge of various styles allows me to amalgamate them. Everything starts from a draw and, trying to understand the needs of the people I collaborate with, I try to create in their homes the desired atmosphere.
Mountains and woods have always fascinated me. Trees are extraordinary beings. Man has always tried to bring the concept of nature within his spaces. Since I was a child I tried to recreate the plant world with wood. For years my research was unsuccessful until, one day, I started using the tools at my disposal in a different way. I learned to make the lines I’ve been chasing all my life. These lines blend with the recovery and reuse of ancient materials. The current period has led to rediscover the concept of home. My goal is to create exclusive spaces where utility and beauty come together. Each element is uniquely designed. The decor, the lights, the shadows and the colors are intended to make an experience."

If you can imagine it, you can do it.

Cristina e Giuseppe Bruno